Trinity Episcopal Church’s new ministry, Bread & Roses, works in the Charlottesville community to support teaching the individual skills of cooking, gardening, and nutrition choices, while paying attention to the larger issues of shifting toward a more equitable and accessible food system. Our vision statement, “to transform the ways we acquire, cook, and relate to the food we eat,” emphasizes our awareness that food insecurity includes many pieces, and so a larger transformation must be made by smaller shifts. We work to facilitate these shifts–seed by seed and bite by bite– by using our outdoor space for organic demonstration gardens and our commercial kitchen for classes and micro food businesses, and by collaborating to share our resources with other community organizations.

Please read through our website to learn about our Bread & Roses programs.  If you are a food entrepreneur interested in renting the kitchen, you can find more information here.   If you would like to join us in the gardens or kitchen, you can send us an email, sign up for the mailing list below, or check out the calendar to see what events or classes are coming up!